And it’s really seriously odd for Fruit to help you insist on your layer a complete property value the tools

The brand new Pelican cases one support the tools alone most likely prices $five-hundred or even more.

If you really think an iphone 3gs power otherwise damaged display screen would be to become serviceable that have little more than “a small package away from screwdrivers, spudgers, and you will pliers”, what you are very requesting is actually for iPhones (as well as most other progressive computing devices) is customized, designed, and you can make during the completely various methods. One to songs great, needless to say, but that is not how progressive mobiles work. Fruit isn’t an outlier in this regard – there aren’t any prominent progressive mobile phones which might be with ease serviceable which have easy units. Whether it had been possible for iPhones to get more easily repairable, without sacrificing their looks, size, abilities, h2o and you can dust resistance, and value, Fruit tends to make them more easily repairable. You to iPhones aren’t easily repairable is actually out of zero advantage to Apple anyway. What’s the theory or even? You to definitely $69 for the-store battery pack alternatives is actually highly profitable? You to Fruit wants to invest thousands of cash for every single shop toward fix products? They’d rescue millions of dollars every day if a genius you will change people new iphone 4 battery pack with no more a beneficial screwdriver. It’s not necessary to for instance the grounds, but there are apparent grounds Fruit doesn’t build its devices you to definitely way. And if you are reporting into Fruit solutions you need to target him or her rather than feigning ignorance.


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