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How to change hikvision dvr resolution without monitor – none: –

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Calling linkage: when door station or other indoor station calls indoor station, it will trigger alarm output. I will take how to enable P lite mode as example. This document is mainly to introduce how to achieve this function. Note: 1. Different series device have different abilities of expanding IP channels.

You can refer to the file for more details. Disabling one analog channel can expand one IP channels. Using an IP address allocated by the internet provider, the end user is able to connect to this device. Internet services for non-enterprise solutions commonly provide a dynamic IP address to its users.

The lack of a static IP address means the user must reconfigure their device connection settings every time a new IP address is allocated. Managing multiple devices will prove difficult if IP addresses are constantly changing. A fixed address is assigned by the DDNS service provider that can be used to connect to the desired device. The device itself must be configured with the DDNS credentials so that it may automatically update the service with the newly allocated IP address.

Through this service, devices under dynamic IP addresses can maintain static addresses. Heat map is a graphical representation of data represented by colors.

The heat map function is usually used to analyze the visit times and dwell time of customers in a configured area. Custom protocol is created by users with RTSP and port. Note: As for Hikvision cameras, the stream paths are as below. It is enough to fill in one kind of them. For NVR models which have independent output interface, if main output and auxiliary output have the different live view configuration.

The smart playback function provides an easy way to get through the less effective information. When you select the smart playback mode, the system will analyze the video containing the motion or VCA information. The smart playback rules and areas are configurable. The function of HTTPS ensures the secure access of web services by adding digital signature certificate authentication. Press and hold the switch button. Wait 2s after the image is stable again and then loosen the button Do not loosen the button as soon as the image is normal.

Each diagnosis function separately supports the setting of rules, linkage method and arming schedule. Check the checkbox of Enable Heat Map to enable the function. Go to Arming Schedule tab, and click-and-drag the mouse on the time bar to set the arming schedule. Go to Linkage Method tab, and select the linkage method by checking the checkbox of notify the surveillance center. Hik-Connect is able to provide DDNS service for devices, through DONS cameras can be added to backend devices and use normal functions, such as live view, playback, recording.

If there is firmware to be upgraded, the device model and security firmware version will be prompted. Hik-Connect app should be V4. This function may vary according to the device model and current firmware version. This document displays guidance on how to enable advertisement mode in MinMoe access control terminal. This document displays guidance on how to configure the required advertisement picture for MinMoe access control terminal in the web of this device with its IP.

Connecting card reader to access controll is mainly applied to swiping card or fingerprints to open the door for entering and exiting. This document displays guidance on how to call Hik-Connect mobile app from MinMoe access control terminal.

This document is simply used to guide users how to wire correctly and ensure access controllers can control locks. The access controller model in this document is DS-K Part 1 is mainly for magnetic lock wiring, and Part 2 and Part 3 are mainly for the situation that users could get the door status on iVMS Client. Connecting card reader to access controller is mainly applied to swiping card to open the door for entrring or exiting.

It is easy to use and scalable, and has a high degree of integration with related software. It can be used across multiple platforms, from laptops running Microsoft Windows 98 to large multi-processor servers running Microsoft Windows Server Connecting fingerprint card reader to access controll is mainly applied to swiping card or fingerprints to open the door for entering and exiting.

DS-K series access controller can open all its doors when fire alarm signal triggers. Also, we can link other linkage actions such as buzzer or alarm output for fire alarm reactcion. Connecting electric lock to access control terminal is mainly applied to open the door for exiting. Connecting magnetic lock to access controller is mainly applied to swiping card to open the door for exiting. Connect card reader to access controller is mainly applied to swiping card to open the door for entrring or exiting.

Temperature measurement basic settings. Check the checkbox to enable temperature Measurement function. Due to the feature of liquid crystal material, the color of LCD screens differs from each other when leaving the factory. So at project site, it is necessary to modify the color parameters to make them look same. This document is intended to introduce the method of how to modify color parameters of LCD large screen via remote control.

Connection of control cables and infrared probe will be introduced first before referring to the detailed operations. Firmware version is the program version. To upgrade the firmware version, you need to use the. System version is the keyboard operating system version. To upgrade it you need to use special update package. This document is intended to show the method to access in different modes. Then configure Master Station Call Forwarding in main master station.

You can login the iVMS V3. You can also configure the security control panel’s network parameters, alarm, permission, system, log search via the web client. You can add two network cameras to the wireless security control panel, and link the camera with the selected zone for video monitoring.

The following document will tell you how to configure event video transfer via Email settings to send Alarm Email. For Hybrid Panel, the difference user have different management permissions. So we can use installer account or manufacturer account to upgrade firmware. This document is guiding you how to upgrad by RS cable. When you use Keypad to arm and disarm the Panel, if your authentication failed for the amount of configured time, the module will be locked for the programmed time duration.

You can configure the Max failure time and locked duration in web interface. Then you can add the peripherals with web browser. In order to separate the EN standard area and other areas, the customer can choose EN Standard or General standard, the choose interface need login Setter user. In this case, control panel can not arm system successfully. Set the initial position of the speed dome to ensure the tracking accuracy.

Calibrate the linked PTZ camera to ensure high accuracy and better effect of target tracking. You can set the alarm center’s parameters and all alarms will be sent to the configured alarm center. You can also receive and view the event video via client and Email. In this situation, security control panel need to be upgraded by RS cable.

You can check serial port information by SSH. This document will introduce them in detail. It is recommended that users use Hik-Connect to add and access devices. Versatile applications cover a broad range of business needs, satisfying all kinds of common business scenarios. For more information on cookie practices please refer to our cookie policy. If you are agreeing on behalf of your company, you represent and warrant that you have legal authority to bind your company to the Materials License Agreement above.

Also you represent and warrant that you are of the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction in which you reside at least 18 years of age in many countries.

There are two ways to trigger alarm output of indoor station: 1. Zone alarm :when zone alarm is detected, it will trigger alarm output of indoor station 2. Add Devices on iVMS 2. Batch register Indoor station to Door station. Add Indoor Station to Door Station 3. Configure the Second lock on the Door Station. How to Enable Lite Mode. Parameters Configuration 3. Configuration test. Note: This function can be configured in website and local GUI. The customer may have the request to save the video record backup.

Note: This function need more than two hard disks and the redundancy must be used in group mode. How to disable live view output of NVR auxiliary port.


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It’s important to take the necessary troubleshooting steps to gather information on why the display is not working. Often times it’s easy to assume that the port is no longer working though it can be remedied by double checking settings. If you know the recorder is receiving power and you can see lights in front of it, but you don’t see the menu screen or camera grid on your monitor connected to it, then you most likely have an incorrect display resolution set that is not compatible with your monitor or TV.

If you have an older or inexpensive computer monitor or TV, chances are that it may not support all the different resolution outputs available on our security DVRs and NVR. Selecting a resolution unsupported by your monitor may leave you locked out of your video recorder unless you either connect it to a Depending on the model of your NVR , you can also adjust the resolution of the Display using your web browser. The latter allows setting the Display output resolution over your local network or over the internet.

This requires that you have connected our DVR to your router and properly configured it to work with your network by setting its IP address, if necessary. To ensure you understand the correct monitor connector terminology please take a look at the image below. Here is a list of troubleshooting steps on how to resolve monitor issues you may be having with your DVR.

We recommend selecting x as the display resolution to be sure. The following section explains in detail the different way to set the monitor resolution on a security camera recorder. How you change the resolution on your recorder will depend on whether you can still see a display output and menu screens on any of your current displays. If you have no video then you will need to connect your recorder to your local network and access the recorder using Internet Explorer on a Windows PC to set the correct display output.

All the configuration is done by using a mouse that can control a menu in the monitor screen. Make sure you have a USB mouse connected. The first thing you need to do is to make sure the HDD is correctly installed. Just click the screen with the mouse right button and choose ” Menu “. The HDD should appear in the menu.

You need to format it to make sure it’s ready for the footage recording. Select the checkbox and click ” Init “. A message is displayed on the screen to let you know that all the data will be erased from the HDD. You just need to click ” OK ” to proceed. Your Hikvision DVR is ready for recording, but you don’t want to have the wrong date and time in your footage, right?

So you MUST configure the date and time. It’s important to configure the cameras to make sure they are connected to the correct channel and also to have the best possible quality. The Hikvision DVR allows you to setup each camera individually for:. There are more options available but they are not the focus of this article due to the fact that I want to cover only the essential things you have to setup to have your Hikvsion DVR ready for footage recording. Well, let’s take a look at the camera configuration, open the camera menu.

The setup is very simple, just select the cameras and check the information you want to display on the screen and change the camera name. In the ” Image ” menu you can adjust the camera Brightness, Saturation, Contrast, Hue, Sharpness, and Denoising to obtain a better image quality,. Otherwise, just ignore this menu. As you can see in the picture below, all the channel are available now and you can select any of them to display on the screen.

Obviously, there are other problems related to cameras that won’t display on the screen, but in this specific case there’s no issue related to the cameras, cables or something else, so be careful to not try to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. If you want to become a professional CCTV installer or designer , take a look at the material available in the blog. Just click the links below:. Search for: Search.

Check which channels are being displayed. The picture below shows all the cameras enabled for the 2×2 layout. Check the result. Sometimes a quick configuration is all you need to solve a problem. I hope this article helps you to solve your “problem”. Please leave your comments below


How to change hikvision dvr resolution without monitor – none: –

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