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Join zoom meeting from webex board

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Yuan’s bet was that as more users tried Zoom, businesses would see that it worked better than WebEx, and would end up paying to switch to his new product. By submitting the form, you consent to allow Vibe Inc. Be the first to hear about new arrivals, exclusive offers, and Vibe updates. Yuan wrote a blog stating that the servers located in China were an accident due to the surge in traffic, and Zoom data would not be routed through them again. And that is something we are super excited about.

Join zoom meeting from webex board

The Cisco Webex Board helps teams collaborate in physical meeting rooms, Mobile Collaboration Web conferencing, Zoom, Cloud Meetings Video and Voice. Enter messages/questions in the team space IX Series. Webex Board 55,. 70 and 85S. Jabber. Webex. Meetings. Webex based solution with Zoom app. Cisco conferencing hardware, now tied with its Webex services, will soon work bidirectionally with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.


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With funding and staff in place, Yuan could launch his new baby: Zoom. He just made it better and cheaper and higher quality and simpler and video-centered,” said Knight, who left WebEx shortly before Yuan. Yuan’s plan to capture WebEx’s enterprise market relied on building Zoom video-first. It would be cloud-based, run on Macs and PCs, iPhones and Androids, and you could make it work without downloading any software in your browser.

It turns out, what makes the customers of video conferencing happy are the things they don’t have to think about. No one wants to download an app or sign up for an account if they don’t have to. They just want the thing to work.

Just as WebEx built a cutting-edge screensharing platform off the new bandwidth enabled by the DSL and T1 lines of the s, Zoom would be built off the advanced data networks capable of streaming HD video.

In a Zoom call, each user can upload upwards of two streams one for video, one for screensharing to a cloud server which then compresses each stream, adjusts the output for the bandwidth and CPU capability of each computer or phone, and sends them back, with as low a latency as possible.

Multiply that by up to users, and the problem becomes exponentially more complicated. While figuring out how to make scalable video calls was a daunting challenge, for Yuan’s Zoom team, it was only half the battle. They also had to make Zoom frictionless enough that anyone could use it. So easy that it makes his customers happy. Zoom could work in any browser. It wouldn’t need you to adjust your firewall settings. And unlike WebEx meetings, with their hard-to-remember pins and meeting IDs, Zoom would be accessible with a simple link.

Yuan’s plan for Zoom was to pilfer off WebEx’s customers. To attract new users, Zoom began offering a freemium version of its product. Meetings under 40 minutes with up to users would be free to use.

Yuan’s bet was that as more users tried Zoom, businesses would see that it worked better than WebEx, and would end up paying to switch to his new product. Zoom’s freemium model gave it an entrance into a crowded marketplace where its competition were some of the largest companies in the world.

But while companies might have had established deals with WebEx, Zoom’s freemium accounts meant that the employees at those companies could just use Zoom. Yuan’s freemium strategy worked and tech companies, entranced by Zoom’s simplicity and efficiency, signed up for premium Zoom subscriptions.

In a few short years, Zoom found itself the video conferencing market leader, and, after a successful IPO, Yuan became a billionaire multiple times over. Yuan’s baby was all grown up. But a funny thing happened on the way to dominating the B2B remote video conferencing market: a global pandemic turned Zoom into a household name.

With the world shutting down in a matter of weeks, every institution, every school, every college, every family now found themselves in desperate need of a way to communicate. You go into the pandemic with the video conferencing solution you have,” said Bill Marczak, a research fellow at the Citizen Lab. And during an unprecedented spike in traffic, Zoom’s cloud network, built on AWS and Oracle, scaled up to meet the crushing demand.

But as Zoom transitioned from IT departments to “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and 10 Downing Street, security researchers began to dig into this newly ubiquitous company. First it was “Zoombombing. Its privacy policy was picked apart.

Zoom says that the problems stem from its overnight transformation into an infrastructure company for the world. Before, Zoom expected its business customer base to have security teams who would enable best practices, like enabling passwords by default. Yuan wrote a blog stating that the servers located in China were an accident due to the surge in traffic, and Zoom data would not be routed through them again.

Zoom acted swiftly, quickly patching uncovered security vulnerabilities, purchasing Keybase, an encryption startup, instituting a day product freeze, and hiring Alex Stamos, former chief security officer at Facebook, and Lea Kissner, formerly the global lead of privacy technology at Google to bolster its security team.

The company has since come to an agreement with Attorney General James, and New York City public schools are now permitting its use. In November, Zoom settled with the Federal Trade Commission over what the agency described as “unfair and deceptive security practices,” including misleading its customers about whether end-to-end encryption was actually being used.

Marczak helped uncover a vulnerability in Zoom’s “waiting room. Marczak and his colleague John Scott-Railton discovered that Zoom was sending an encrypted stream of the meeting to those not-yet-accepted.

A savvy user could scoop up that data and spy on the meeting, “presumably, so that when you were admitted the video would show instantly,” explains Marczak.

Having the meeting ID visible on the top-left corner of the screen was an intentional choice to make Zoom’s customers not have to dig around menus to find a meeting ID. But having a visible meeting ID meant that a screenshot posted on social media would allow anyone to enter the ID and join in assuming that the meeting was not password protected. No, that’s the problem,” Yuan said. On the heels of Pfizer’s stunning announcement of a successful vaccine trial, Zoom’s stock cratered, hinting at investor skepticism as to how the company would fare in a return to normalcy.

And then there are the competitors, jealously eyeing the massive profits that Zoom has raked in over the last year. Open your Gmail app and you’ll find a prominent “Meet” button, beckoning you to invite others into a video chat. Microsoft blanketed the airwaves with ads touting the Zoom-esque video chat features of its Teams platform and Facebook, no stranger to copying from a rising competitor, launched its “Messenger Rooms” back in April.

Zoom’s long-standing ties to China are also becoming an increasing liability. Zoom is an American-based company, headquartered in San Jose. In July, a bipartisan group of senators wrote a letter to the Justice Department, urging them to investigate both Zoom and TikTok’s connections to China. Richard Blumenthal D-CT. And while Zoom’s continued public lashing is ongoing, it could end up helping them in the long run.

Yuan says the scrutiny that Zoom has received has been a blessing in disguise, allowing him to improve his company in ways that he never could have imagined otherwise. He now devotes his entire day only to security and privacy matters. We are a very proud American company. The company is a public Nasdaq company, headquartered in San Jose. I’m a Chinese American.

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