Liquorice Pizza’s bike-riding star Jack Holden is dependent on Oscar-profitable movie star William Holden

Lucy’s input Liquorice Pizza pie connects back to Gary Goetzman’s actual-existence feel, when he involved the same decades because Cooper Hoffman’s reputation as he starred in the film A, Exploit and you can Ours which have Lucille Golf ball. As such, Licorice Pizza’s In one place is obviously a stay-in for 1968’s Your own, Mine and you can Ours.

Fred Gwynne

Various other genuine superstar of one’s ‘sixties portrayed just like the themselves on screen, Paul Thomas Anderson’s regular collaborator John C. Reilly cameos when you look at the a great blink-or-you’ll-miss-they scene out of Liquorice Pizza pie. Because the Gary sets up their “Soggy Base” sit from the Adolescent-Many years Reasonable, Licorice Pizza pans out over a booth to the Munsters’ modern shed, in which Fred Gwynne (Reilly) was clothed just like the Herman Munster and you will ensures children that he’s, in fact, the genuine Herman Munster. As the Munsters try a product of one’s ‘sixties like other most other booths about Teen-Decades Reasonable sequence, the tv show and you will Gwynne’s profile handled tall pop community presence that have nostalgia, hence Licorice Pizza pays best respect in order to.

B. Mitchel Reed

Once Alana and you can Gary want to get into business together for Fat Bernie’s Drinking water Bedrooms, both agenda a live broadcast ad just like the done by B. Mitchel Reed. In only on the a-two-second scene, Licorice Pizza pie depicts radio stations jockey since real B. Mitchel Reed, who is starred regarding the film by completed sound actor Beam Pursue. Reed are best known for their disk jockey job ahead forty and you will rock programs within the Los angeles in early 70s, which is the ultimate respect for the audio society on the era you to passionate Licorice Pizza’s term.

Mary Grady

Inside a little but joyous world, Licorice Pizza pie has a segment in which Alana and Gary meet with Mary Grady, a bona fide-lifetime son actor broker from the ‘1970s. Starred of the constant PTA collaborator Harriet Samson Harris, Mary Grady is a well-known talent broker for many out-of Hollywood’s top boy famous people out-of this new day and age. Licorice Pizza’s actual-existence Grady was also mom from son stars Don Grady (The newest Mickey Mouse Family) and you can Lani O’Grady.