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Apr 29,  · Click Whiteboard. Click Share Screen. The annotation tools will appear automatically, but you can press the Whiteboard option in the meeting controls to show and hide them. Use the page controls in the bottom-right corner of the whiteboard to create new pages and switch between pages. Product walkthroughs and quick reference videos are featured throughout the in-depth training courses in Zoom’s Learning Center. We’ve collected them all here for you as an easy resource to find what you need when you need it. Browse by product category below or search the continuously growing collection for a specific video. Apr 19,  · Here’s how you can create, access, and share your digital whiteboards: Sign into your Zoom account using the Zoom client on your device or web browser. Select the Whiteboards tab, and choose New Whiteboard to start a whiteboard. To view your whiteboards, select the ‘My Whiteboards’ tab. You can also.

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You can use Whiteboard to collaborate with other people and accomplish many activities, from brainstorming and planning to learning and workshops. What can I do with Whiteboard? How do I start using Whiteboard on my PC? How do I start using Whiteboard on my iOS device? How do I start using Whiteboard for the web? How do I use Whiteboard on my Surface Hub? What account do I need to use Whiteboard?

How do I enable or disable Whiteboard for my organization? What are the feature differences between Whiteboard for Windows 10, iOS, and web? What devices are supported? How do I sign in to Whiteboard? What should I do? How do I use Templates Preview in Whiteboard? How do I use ink in Whiteboard? What is finger painting?

How do I use the mouse and keyboard in Whiteboard? How do I create straight lines? How do I use Ink to Shape? How do I use object snapping? How do I select, move, and resize content? How do I add pictures to Whiteboard from my device? How do I add sticky notes and annotate them? Where can I find all of my whiteboards and how do I switch between them? How do I duplicate a whiteboard? How do I title a whiteboard? How do I collaborate with someone else in Whiteboard?

How can I export a whiteboard, or save it as a screenshot or a file? How can I export, transfer, or delete personal data from my whiteboards? What is Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams meetings? What compliance category does Whiteboard meet? It is supported on devices running an up-to-date version of most browsers — including Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Use Mind Map to easily break down complex ideas for project management, business strategy planning, software product development, and more!

Objects are the building blocks of a Whiteboard. Directly connect your ideas to your work by converting shapes, sticky notes, or text into a task! Or add existing tasks to your Whiteboard.

You can also:. Change colors, sizes, and connector types. Copy, delete, or arrange an object in relation to the other objects on your Whiteboard. Add rich text formatting. To do that, click the Back icon on the top left corner of the canvas to go back to the list of your whiteboards. From there, you can easily rename your saved whiteboards and delete your unwanted ones. The other option in the menu is that you can invite your colleagues to join the whiteboard and work together with you.

Click Invite participants to add your colleagues. Alternatively, this command can be found within the opened whiteboard, at the top right corner next to your avatar. So if you want to print your whiteboard content, you have to export it first as PNG then print. Now you should have a clear idea how to get started and use the Microsoft Whiteboard. In case you still have questions about this app, we have prepared answers to a few frequently asked questions for your information. The app is free, no matter if you are using personal Microsoft account or organizational Office account.

Yes, if you are using an organizational Office account. Once you sign in you will see all your Office apps and can open them in browser. For iOS users, you can download the Whiteboard app from the App Store; but for Android users, as of now you can only access the app from browser. If you sign in with your personal Microsoft account, you can share the whiteboards with other personal accounts; however, for team collaboration you should sign in with your organizational account.

After that you will be able to share the whiteboards with other accounts from the same organization. You can use Microsoft Whiteboard directly within Teams. More details are covered in this article. Microsoft Whiteboard can be used in so many ways. No matter which industry you are from, it can be used to collaborate, engage, and gather ideas. Taking notes, brainstorming, or problem solving can all be done within this application. However, at the time of this writing, the Whiteboard feature can only be used on iPads.

You can learn how to use Zoom whiteboard on an iPad by following the instructions explained below:. On your iPad, use the regular method to start a new meeting and invite the participants to join the conference, tap Share Content from the meeting control panel at the top, and tap Whiteboard from the menu that appears.

Tap the Edit Pencil icon from the bottom-left corner to expand Zoom annotation tools , tap your preferred icon to add annotations to the whiteboard, and tap Stop Share once you are done drawing. Note: Process of doing other things including clearing your annotations or ending the meeting remains the same for both Android and iOS platforms. Other participants of a meeting can share their whiteboard with you as well.

In order to do this, you must configure Zoom by clicking the small arrow available next to the Screen Share icon, and clicking the Multiple participants can share simultaneously option from the menu. If you have joined a meeting hosted by someone else, it is possible that the host has prohibited other participants from annotating. In this case, you can request the host to enable annotations for the other members.

If you are a participant in a Zoom conference that has been hosted by another person, collaborating on a shared whiteboard requires you to enter the full-screen mode by clicking the Full Screen button at the top-right corner, clicking and opening the Options menu from the top or bottom depending on your operating system , clicking Annotate , and then continuing with the regular annotation process.

Note: To be able to collaborate on a whiteboard, it is important that the host of the meeting has allowed the members to add annotations. Zoom whiteboard allows you to share your ideas with other participants of the conference. The good thing is, while using a desktop version, you can allow participants to share their whiteboard.


Zoom whiteboard tutorial. Microsoft Whiteboard Tutorial: Get Started in 4 Simple Steps

It is not surprising to see physical whiteboards in meeting rooms, and as many companies are digitally transforming their team collaborations, we are starting to see more and more interactive panels set up in meeting rooms as digital whiteboards. Once the digital contents have been added on the canvas, they can be moved, rotated, resized using multitouch gestures.